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BitTorrent Pro Torrent App 1.22

The official app for downloading files from the BitTorrent Network

With BitTorrent Pro for Android, you can download files (music, movies, games, documents) for free on your smartphone or tablet using torrents.

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  • Simple and easy to use
  • Manage RSS feeds
  • Supports multiple downloads simultaneously
  • Official BitTorrent app
  • Set download/upload limits


  • Search function could be improved
  • Doesn't integrate other torrent finders
  • Some advanced features absent

Very good

With BitTorrent Pro for Android, you can download files (music, movies, games, documents) for free on your smartphone or tablet using torrents.

Finding new torrents to download

The main screen of BitTorrent Pro displays three tabs: one tab with a list of torrents available for download, one tab with a list of torrents you have already downloaded, and one with a list of the files being downloaded. A notification on the taskbar tells you when the download is complete.

You can find new torrents using BitTorrent Pro in two ways. The first is through the search function (the magnifying glass icon). Hitting search will open your browser, showing you Google search results. From there, you can choose which file you want to download and it will be added to the queue.

The other option is useful if you know the direct download link for the torrent. Simply tap on the "+" icon and write or paste the URL of the torrent in the textbox to start downloading.

RSS, bandwidth control and notifications

The application allows you to add, monitor and manage your favorite RSS feeds to stay up to date on new torrent files to download.

BitTorrent Pro also lets you set the maximum number of downloads and uploads, as well as the TCP port. It can automatically configure the download to begin when your phone or tablet connects to WiFi.

With the BitTorrent Pro icon on the notification bar, you'll have quick access to the application and can receive alerts once the downloads in your queue are complete.

Download using WiFi

BitTorrent Pro for Android is an application that is characterized by its simplicity. The design is well thought out and the application works well.

Like any P2P client, the application uses a lot of bandwidth, so it's advisable to use BitTorrent Pro in the presence of a free WiFi network to avoid using up your entire data package.

The main differences between BitTorrent and BitTorrent Pro include BitTorrent Pro being ad-free, as well as providing you with direct support services from BitTorrent.

BitTorrent Pro, the best app to download from the BitTorrent network

BitTorrent Pro offers everything you need to manage downloads from BitTorrent. Search functions, however, could be improved.

In terms of features, the Pro version offers nothing more than the free version, but it is a good investment if you want to avoid advertising and benefit from direct support from BitTorrent.

BitTorrent Pro


BitTorrent Pro Torrent App 1.22

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